San Francisco Bike Party is a monthly CELEBRATION of biking!

  • SFBP is for ALL RIDERS of different ages, types, and skill levels to enjoy.
  • SFBP encourages people to bring POSITIVITY and CONTRIBUTE to good times while being RESPECTFUL to others.
  • SFBP rides FUN and SAFE with stops to DANCE and SOCIALIZE along the way.
  • SFBP follows PLANNED ROUTES exploring all different parts of the city each month.

Who runs it?

  • SFBP is created by a CO-OP, by and for bike enthusiasts, run by volunteers.
  • SFBP volunteers plan the routes, test ride them, help participants ride in control, avoid traffic disruption, and not get lost.

Who is it for?

  • SFBP is for EVERYONE, cyclists and people on and around the street.
  • SFBP invites riders from EVERYWHERE around the Bay Area and beyond to participate and BRIDGE COMMUNTIES.

Where and When:

  • SFBP is on the 1st FRIDAY at 8pm every month, with the route being announced beforehand, beginning in and riding thru different parts of San Francisco.

  • Stay in the Right Lane
  • Stop at Red Lights
  • Leave No Trace
  • Ride Predictably and in Control
  • Roll Past Conflict
  • Ride Prepared
  • When in Doubt, “Bike Party!!”