How We Ride

Bike Party asks all bicyclist to follow the How We Ride to promote a positive community during our rides.


  • Stay in the Right Lane
  • Stop at Red Lights
  • Leave No Trace
  • Ride Predictably and in Control
  • Roll Past Conflict
  • Ride Prepared
  • When in Doubt, “Bike Party!!”

Stay in the Right Lane

When it is possible and available, to ease traffic congestion, we ride in the right lane and allow cars to pass in the left lanes.

Image borrowed from the Midnight Ridazz
Image borrowed from the Midnight Ridazz 

Stop at Red Lights

  1. It Protects the Ride! The number one complaint from the community against group rides is that we often run red lights. Don’t give the city, angry residents, or anyone a reason to hate such a joyous celebration.
  2. It Avoids Tickets and Avoids Wrecks! We don’t want anyone to get hit by a car or have to pay a $300 ticket for running a red light. Be safe and save your money by stopping.
  3. It Models Bicycle Community! As bicycle riders, we need drivers to respect our rights to share the road. However, in order to get respect, we must also give respect. As such a large visible group, we need to show drivers and fellow riders how to share the road by stopping at red lights.
  4. It Gives More Time to Party! While stopping at a light, say hello to your neighbors, make a friend, and dance on the street! There is no reason to be in such a rush when it just means more time to party.

Leave No Trace

Please make sure you throw away your trash at all points and remind your fellow riders that it is NOT OK to litter.

Ride Predictably and in Control.

When bicyclists are all around you, it is important to ride predictably. Don’t weave, don’t make sudden turns, and don’t make sudden stops. If you do need to get out of the group, use your hand gestures, move slowly, announce it, and move to the right.

Roll Past Conflict

If you see an angry driver or pedestrian, roll past it. Don’t engage in shouting matches or violent people. Just enjoy your ride. If you see a fellow cyclist stopped in anger, remind them to “Roll Past Conflict.”

Ride Prepared

We try to maintain a leisurely cruising speed.  Routes are designed for a wide range of riders to keep pace. Though, with hundreds of riders on different types of bikes, some will find hills more challenging, or have flats and mechanical troubles.
Before the ride, make sure your bicycle is in good working order. You should be comfortable riding San Francisco streets which may have traffic, train tracks, occasional steep hills, and other hazards. Bring friends and make new ones riding at your speed. Within your friends be prepared with a flat kit or to fix basic mechanical troubles. If you see someone in need, it’s good bike etiquette to help. That’s also a great way to make new friends in the biking community. Which is what the Bike Party is all about!

When in Doubt, “Bike Party!!”

Don’t forget, this ride is a celebration of biking! Have fun! Shout it out!

Sustaining a Culture that Follows the How We Ride

The handful of volunteers that organize the rides cannot be the only ones who remind others about the How We Ride. We need you to speak up!

No one wants to be an authority figure but the only way to keep this ride going and safe is to be vocal about the How We Ride.  A simple “Stay to the right” is often enough to remind a rider that he or she is slipping.  If a person is new to the ride, let them know “we stop at reds.”  If you see a knucklehead throwing a bottle or littering, simply boo that person.  Its easy to sustain a positive culture on our ride when our active participants act as role models and speak up!