Rainy day policy

if you are reading this, chances are high that rain is scheduled for the first friday of the month, and only the first friday of the month, if 2014 is any indication.

ironically enough here in drought-ridden northern california, we’ve had to call off several SFBP rides due to rain. we love the rain since we literally depend on it, however, our music bikes don’t like the rain very much. we want to respect our only SFBP speaker bike that we have — so far — that we bought through the hard work and dedication of our volunteer-run hub members. cables + batteries + speakers + water just don’t mix.

we know that other bike parties have different rain day policies than we do. we’re fortunate to have a bike party in the bay area 3 times a month, so if you are really jonesing for a bike party, please check out our friends at East Bay Bike PartySan Jose Bike Party, or Peninsula Bike Party, or any of the other social rides that happen each month.

we hope the rain doesn’t come on the first friday of the month, but if it does, WE WILL BE BACK NEXT MONTH!

meanwhile, here are some tips for riding in the rain.