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SF Bike Party April Test Ride

Thursday March 28th, 19:00, from the Civic Center Plaza.

Help us test out the route for April Bike Party!

In this ride we assess the route for any hazards, construction, or changes. This is a faster paced ride than our usual bike party. Come get a sneak peek into how Bike Party runs, meet some of the organizers and ride around San Francisco!


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SFBP #89 – Into the Wild!


Join SF Bike Party on Friday July 5th, starting from Cupid’s Span around 7:30pm.

San Francisco is a fantastic place for for discovering the wonderful and wild world of California wildlife. From the cool, blue depths of San Francisco Bay, to the pristine and diverse environments in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco offers a multitude of species: mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish and insects. And it’s summertime in the city! For SFBP Ride #89, YOU be the wildlife! Come dressed up as your favorite animal, and let out your inner wild as we bike through this beautiful city! Party with us as we go Into The Wild!!!

How We Ride
+ Stay in the RIGHT lane
+ Stop at RED lights
+ Leave no trace
+ Ride predictably & in control
+ Roll past conflict
+ Ride prepared
+ When in doubt, BIKE PARTY!


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SFBP #88 – A Bridge, a Tunnel, and a Hill

Join SF Bike Party on Friday June 1st as we travel high above the waters of the Golden Gate and deep below the rise of the headlands.


• Bring everything you need to the start
• Bring bright lights
• Bring layers
• Bring your bike that has gears


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SFBP #85 – Rain Route, formerly: EPIC Bridge & Tunnel Bike Party

For some reason the first Friday of each month seems to make a great time to summon in much needed rain to our region. As you are surely aware, SF Bike Party has historically canceled with rain. In fact, the threat of rain of canceled our EPIC Bridge & Tunnel route when we tried it a few months ago. Well, no more we say, we have decided to try something new this month—we introduce to you, a rain route.

Since the forecast for rain on Friday March 2nd is staying strong we will be riding a new route designed with rain in mind. We are keeping it simple this time around, a short ride (7mi) with one covered party stop.

We’ll meet up under the awnings at the Ferry Building at 7:30pm, throw a party stop underneath Interstate 280 in Mission Bay, and finish underneath the Bay Bridge. It’s flat, the party stops are covered, and we stick to bike routes where possible. We feel these measures give SFBP the opportunity to keep our riders safe while at the same time get out and ride on the first Friday of the month.

So what do you say? Want to join us?

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SFBP #82 Annual Toy Drive

For the 4th year in a row we will be hosting our annual Toy Drive on the last Bike Party of the year. The toys received will be biked to Allin SF on a later date.

Route will keep us in the northeast area of San Francisco, bring layers since the evening will keep us in the high 40’s.

Bring a new, unwrapped toy to donate. Educational toys, sports equipment and stuffed animals are always needed. New backpacks will also be accepted. We will not accept toys that promote violence like guns, knives, and so on.

How We Ride
-Stay in the RIGHT lane
-Stop at RED lights
-Leave no trace
-Ride predictably & in control
-Roll past conflict
-Ride prepared
When in doubt, BIKE PARTY!

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