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Tonight’s Ride Sponsored by Google! Free Segways!

Tonight’s Ride Sponsored by Google! Free Segways!

Bike Party doesn’t usually allow any sort of corporate sponsorship. But when Google came to us offering to sponsor our ride with a gift of 100 free Segways, we knew it was an offer we couldn’t refuse. And when we found out they were Robo-Segways, in honor of our Robots & Cyborgs theme, we were fully psyched!

A Google employee on his way to Bike Party

The first 100 people to arrive at Civic Center plaza tonight get to take home one of these awesome pre-programmed, fully-automatic, Robo-Segways. Unlike ordinary Segways, these machines do more than just cruise down the sidewalk, terrorizing old ladies. These things are pre-programmed to get you where you want to go. Just plug in your destination, and it drives itself! How’s that for “human-powered?”

Get to the plaza early — we’ll have pre-programmed each Segway with tonight’s route, so all you’ll have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride! (Please be sure to bring your bike, since supplies of Robo-Segways are limited.)

Of course, Google’s generosity does come with some strings. Each Segway constantly updates the Google servers with geo-tagged information about your location, speed and heart rate — data that Google can use to constantly improve it’s marketing strategies and implement information-sharing solutions with it’s advertising partners. It’s win-win!



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