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SFBP #54: Golden State of Mind

Golden State of Mind

let’s go warriors! the golden state warriors recently won their first NBA championship in 40 years, so we thought we’d show them some SFBP love! let’s show #dubnation we’re loud, proud, warriors.

be sure to bring your blue, gold and white and be prepared to show off some bay area pride. speaking of, get your favorite bay area songs ready for your music bike, this is warriors ground baby!

Sign up for a turn so we head out in time. Speaking of, good job signing up for turns last month volunteers!
Meet up at 7:30pm
Roll out at 8pm!

Here’s the map:

And our Turn by Turn:


**How We Ride**
Stay in the Right Lane
Stop at Red Lights
Leave No Trace
Ride Predictably and in Control
Roll Past Conflict
Ride Prepared
When in Doubt, “Bike Party!!”

(Header image photos from GSW main webpage and modified from a Kaiser Permanete blog post)

If you need some additional costume inspiration look no further, we’ve got you covered!

Rick Welts

This is Rick Welts, openly gay president of the Warriors. Show your pride, Rick! (And please tell us where you got that t-shirt!)


Bend it like Steph!

Golden State Warriors Kit!

Golden State Warriors Kit!

Warriors nail game on point! Nails by @classicmully check them out on Instagram!

Warriors nail game on point! Nails by @classicmully check them out on Instagram!

We can’t wait to celebrate with you.  Ding Ding!

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SFBP #53: Glam Rock Route

TONIGHT: Meet at Conservatory of Flowers, sign up for a turn, then we can get rolling at 8pm!

Route is here:

Sorry for no lookbook this time around, but you get the idea. David Bowie to Motley Crue, bring your best glam rock look!

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SFBP #51: Bunny Hop LookBook

Not sure about you, but we definitely think the best thing about Easter is fuzzy, wuzzy, little bunnies! Hence, we’re having a Bunny Hop! Pull out your ears and dust off your tail, it’s time to join the herd. If you need some inspiration for a perfectly furry bunny suit, look no further.  We’ve got you covered (in Mohair!) right here!  Meet us at Justin Herman Plaza at 7:30pm on Friday, April 3rd.  We roll at 8:00. You can find our route map here and our turn guide here.  Until tonight, we’ll be keeping the warren warm for ya! Ding Ding!


Is that you, Peter Rabbit?


Tres chic, petit lapin.


Be my bike bunny?


A bicycle built for two bunnies!


Hipster Rabbit


Hippity, hippity hop!


Did you know that baby rabbits are called ‘kittens’? We always love to see kids at Bike Party!


BMX Bunny


That’s not a bunny, that’s Beyonce!


Puppies dressed like bunnies (or not) are always welcome at Bike Party!

Bunny-Rabbit-Costume-Shirt el_conejo_by_dariapuppetmaster-d3fbkcl

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SFBP #50: Let It Snow

What’s that we see? A clear sky?!

We can hardly believe it, but it looks like there will be NO RAIN for our Let It Snow bike party tonight! To celebrate, let’s cover this town in a light dusting of fresh bike partiers! Bring out your best winter whites, your faux furs and pom pom hats.  Let’s pretend we love that wintery mix!


Come find us tonight in Duboce Park at 7:30, we roll at 8:00! Ding Ding!


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February’s Bike Party is Cancelled Due to Rain

Well folks, it looks like we are being rained out once again. With water currently falling from the sky and forecasts calling for high chances of both rain and heavy winds throughout the evening, we are going to have to cancel today’s Bike Party. We hope that you all stay safe, warm and dry this weekend. We look forward to seeing you next month, hopefully with clear skies!

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SFBP #48: Fourth Birthday!

bike cake

Happy New Year, Folks!  We are so excited to ring in 2015 with a Birthday Bike Party!  SFBP is celebrating 4 years of rocking and rolling through the San Francisco streets, and we’ll be riding our traditional birthday route.  We hope you can join us on Friday, January 2nd.  Meet at Civic Center at 7:30pm.  We roll at 8:00!

Check out the route map here:

And you can find the Turn Guide here:

We can wait to see you!  Ding Ding!

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SFBP #46: Hardly Strictly Homecoming LookBook

We’re Hardly in High School anymore, but that doesn’t Strictly matter. Let’s take a step back in time and celebrate HARDLY STRICTLY HOMECOMING!

Break out your finest duds, your vintage prom dresses, your football helmets, your old cheerleading outfits. Let’s recreate one of the biggest nights of our teenage years (except with less drama over Mickey flirting with Hailey when he’s totally your date). Dress up, get down, let’s Bike Paaaaarty!

Meet up at 7:30pm, roll out at 8pm! Meet at the west side of Kezar Stadium, at the intersection of  Lincoln, Kezar, and Arguello.Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 9.52.01 AM

Volunteers who take a turn will be entered in a super special raffle. Find us at the green flag to sign up! And don’t forget to tag us in your photos, use #sfbikeparty or #sfbike

Well that’s one way to style your formal denim…with your HS girl/boyfriend.

Don’t for get something for your date!

Get your roll on!


Fancy denim on a fancy man! (via


Who doesn’t need a denim kit? (available at

Even Canadians need something formal to wear!

Dress available for purchase if you have the spurs for it!


Nothing says bluegrass class like a denim cummerbund (via

Denim kimono created by Rina Karibe

Let’s all agree to not pick on the telekinetic girl this year, please!

Seeeeeee! Just don’t do it. Let’s all be nice this Homecoming, shall we?

Now *that’s* how you celebrate your Homecoming court!

Go ahead, we know you want to cheer on the home team!


The gents from UW – Platteville Cycling club know how to style their denim!


Safe and fashionable for your big night!

Who said bike used bike parts were trash? Upcycle your accessories!


Denim corsage for your date? Don’t mind if I do! (find the tutorial on how to give an old pair of jeans new life over at

Corsage anyone?


And don’t forget to decorate your bike!


Or a fashionable way to protect said bike (via

For the sporty dapper dandy inside us all!


Now let’s see if your Principal will let you wear *these* blue jeans to the dance?


Break Free of those stuffy jeans and go for the airy shorts for your formal look! (via

Bike Party asks all bicyclist to follow the How We Ride to promote a positive community during our rides.


Stay in the Right Lane
Stop at Red Lights
Leave No Trace
Ride Predictably and in Control
Roll Past Conflict
Ride Prepared
When in Doubt, “Bike Party!!”

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