SFBP #59: Welcome to the Dollhouse

Dollhouse pic

Welcome to the dollhouse! We’ve got fun and games…and toys galore! Whether you’re more Dawn Weiner or Barbie Girl, there is something for everyone in our bag of tricks this year. Show us what’s in your dollhouse by dressing up as a Creepy Baby Doll, a misplaced GI Joe, tiny furniture, or anything else that decks your halls. Dollhouse of horrors? Alien invasion? You tell us.

Whatever you do, make sure to bring 1 new, unwrapped gift for our toy drive. That’s right, for the 3rd year in a row, we will be collecting toys at Bike Party and donating them to the SF Firefighters Toy Program http://sf-fire.org/sf-firefighters-toy-program-0 Tis the season, y’all! Donation suggestions include:

1. Sports Equipment- Basketballs, Footballs, Soccer balls, Baseballs and gloves
2. Arts and Crafts
3. Baby Items- blankets, bottles, rattles
4. Dolls of all nationalities
5. stuffed animals
6. toy trucks
We are also trying to get 1000 copies of the GIVING BOOK by Ellin Sabin:http://www.wateringcanpress.com/html/givingbook.html

Ride with GPS Map: http://ridewithgps.com/routes/11349126

Google Maps: https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=zxveaBt8wrEU.kEq6eLbBo_c0

Turn Guide:  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1EZgPJ4SKpAgv6Z2TMYQ62Wq_RGT2ofZr6RhaPHk1Ejo/edit

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SFBP #58: Falling Back!

It’s that time again friends, when the leaves change and the air is crisp and you get to break out those cozy sweaters and oh…wait… We forgot where we were for a second. We live in San Francisco, so it’s still pretty much summer here. But hot or not, we can’t stop the (bike) wheels of time from turning.  November’s Bike Party is “Falling Back” and bidding adieu to that lovely extra hour of sun.  Whether you beard-it-up as Father Time, roll in a pile of fall leaves or get celestial as the sun or moon, put your best (clock) face forward and join us!


sky makeup

Celestial Eyes!

clock on a bike

Don’t forget to set your bikes er…clocks back an hour!


If you can find enough fall leaves in SF to make a pile, roll in them!

back wheel clock

Set your watch by your bike!


These probably can’t replace a bike helmet, but we’re sure you can make them work!


Minimalist wheel clock

Old Father Time

Father time won’t stop for you, but Bike Party makes several stops, woohoo!

We can’t wait to see what you all come up with!  Meet us at the Ferry Building on November 6th at 7:30pm.  Despite the imminent time change, we’ll be rolling out at 8:00!


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SFBP #57: Pirate Party!

Aaaaaaarrrrggg! Bike Party has been boarded by pirates! This month we’re hailing the kings and queens of the ocean’s flotilla. Bring out your vests, peg legs, gold hoop earrings and parrots—this party is taking place on the high seas of our rolling hilly city! Pull down your white flags and raise up your skull and crossbones, we’re going rogue and dressing the parrrt.

Meet up at 7:30, roll out at 8pm.

Route TBD (patience, pirates, all maps to treasure will be revealed in due course).

And as a special bonus, A SECRET PRIZE of utmost value will be awarded to the pirate wearing the finest costume….so here are a few ideas for piratey gear:

pirate bike bell

OMG so cute! Buy it here

Pirate flag on bike

Definitely fly your pirate flag! Just be sure to ride predictably!

Pirate skull kit

Pirate bike jersey? Yes Please!

Pirates 1

When Pirate bikes attack!


Shiver me timbers, it’s Jack Sparrow!


Who wants to buy the author this hat? Pretty please?!

Mary Read, an OG pirate


Dead men tell no tales, unless they’re on a pirate bike!

Bike NYC had it right with those ships!

And to help you get your pirate lingo started, check out this guide to Talking Like A Pirate!


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SFBP #56: Put a Bird On It Lookbook

Just when you thought San Francisco Bike Party couldn’t get any better, we’re putting a bird on it!

That’s right—pull out all the feathers you could never bring to Burning Man and fly away with us. Whether you are a murder of crows, a parliament of owls or a bird of paradise, we want to see you show off your biggest and brightest peacock feathers! Need some style inspiration?  We’ve got you covered in a nice down comforter.  We can’t wait to see you put a bird on it!

Bird on toast


Bike Party is brought to you by the letters S.F.B.P. Big Bird is in the house!

Bird Fascinator

She definitely put a bird on it!

Birds Costume_2

This look is definitely for The Birds


Put a bird on your bike!

The Crow

Did you know that Eric Draven likes to ride a bike in his spare time?


This is a light up bike horn and you need to put it                                        on your bike.

Upcycle Bird

upcycle a beautiful bird costume, why don’t you?

Better bird on bike tshirt shot

Put on a t-shirt that put a bird on a bicycle.

Owl Kit

Put on a bike jersey with Owls on it!

No headdresses!

Do not put a headdress on it. Cultural appropriation (unless it’s bike culture) is                                                           never in line with our theme.


Meet us on Friday, September 4th in Potrero del Sol Park at 7:30pm.  We take flight and 8:00! Ding Ding

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SFBP #54: Golden State of Mind

Golden State of Mind

let’s go warriors! the golden state warriors recently won their first NBA championship in 40 years, so we thought we’d show them some SFBP love! let’s show #dubnation we’re loud, proud, warriors.

be sure to bring your blue, gold and white and be prepared to show off some bay area pride. speaking of, get your favorite bay area songs ready for your music bike, this is warriors ground baby!

Sign up for a turn so we head out in time. Speaking of, good job signing up for turns last month volunteers!
Meet up at 7:30pm
Roll out at 8pm!

Here’s the map: http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/765803121

And our Turn by Turn:  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gdOMZLIFaNgS9A_C3slpoAAvsNkobsFr3ynYCoXjPrA/edit?usp=sharing


**How We Ride**
Stay in the Right Lane
Stop at Red Lights
Leave No Trace
Ride Predictably and in Control
Roll Past Conflict
Ride Prepared
When in Doubt, “Bike Party!!”

(Header image photos from GSW main webpage and modified from a Kaiser Permanete blog post)

If you need some additional costume inspiration look no further, we’ve got you covered!

Rick Welts

This is Rick Welts, openly gay president of the Warriors. Show your pride, Rick! (And please tell us where you got that t-shirt!)


Bend it like Steph!

Golden State Warriors Kit!

Golden State Warriors Kit!

Warriors nail game on point! Nails by @classicmully check them out on Instagram!

Warriors nail game on point! Nails by @classicmully check them out on Instagram!

We can’t wait to celebrate with you.  Ding Ding!

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SFBP #53: Glam Rock Route

TONIGHT: Meet at Conservatory of Flowers, sign up for a turn, then we can get rolling at 8pm!

Route is here: http://ridewithgps.com/routes/7752982

Sorry for no lookbook this time around, but you get the idea. David Bowie to Motley Crue, bring your best glam rock look!

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SFBP #52 – The Coven LookBook

Well my pretties, something witchy this way comes…

It’s a coven of Bike Partiers! That’s right, we’ll be casting a spell on the streets of San Francisco on Friday, May 1st, and you’re invited.  Dust off your broom, pull out your cape and fill up your cauldron, it’s the witching hour! If you live under some rock and have never seen a real witch before (are you from Kansas or something?) then we’ve got you covered in black right here!  Meet us at Cupid’s Span at 7:30pm, we go brooms up at 8:00, sharp! Bwahahahahaha!

High fashion witch (via vogue.com)

Summon the coven….it’s tea time!

A coven gets an early start with the younglings (via buzzfeed.com)

This priestess knows


You are! (via giphy.com)

All black (via n-nyx.polyvore.com)


Every witch needs a crown (image via strangelycompelling.tumblr.com)

It's not easy being green!

It’s not easy being green!

This young witch is on point (via skimbacolifestyle.com)

Your bike is your magic broom! (via caa.org.nz)

Even all you good witches!


Every witch way (image via fromasia-withlove.tumblr.com)

Every witch needs a bike for those extra windy days (via Bikepretty.com)

Don't let the house go down on me!

Don’t let the house go down on me!

The coven will gather under the moonlight (via W Magazine)

Gandalf’s outfit is on point

Make your own wizard hat (via http://www.sallypointer.com/gandalfhat.htm)

Create your own spiderweb cape (via deliacreates.com)

nuff said (via gifhy.com)





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