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Rites of Spring Ideas

Friday, May 6 | Gather 7:30 PM, Rollout 8 PM | Meet Justin Herman Plaza | Route: http://tinyurl.com/3rjbdxy  | Printable Turn by Turn

Not sure how to celebrate the rites of spring with your bike? We have ideas!

Paper Flowers:

Basket Flowers:

I think I am in love with this:

Scraper bike style:

Image from the Matchbook

(Ok, these flowers are not rideable, but you get the idea.)

Electronic style:

The simple, no excuses, everyone can do it version:

Now that you have some ideas on how to dress up your bike, its time to think about dressing up your body!

Idea 1:
Grab some festive colored fabric or an extra sheet and make yourself a toga

Image from the Wikihow page

Then add some flowers to your head.   Pick some up at your local florist at the end of the day.

Idea 2:
Get your friends together and dance around a May Pole

Grab some ribbon and a pole and party.

Idea 3:
Dionysus (the god of wine making)

-some purple fabric
-some ivy leaves
-some frivolity to the masses

Idea 4:
Dress up as your favorite ninja and celebrate like those in the Japanese city of Iga.

From the Iga Ninja Museum Webpage

Idea 5:
Grab some herbs & flowers in a bundle and celebrate Deqna d’ Nisan, the spring festival celebrated by many Assayrian communities.



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