Music Bikes


We love music bikes! We only ask that you be respectful of the community around you:

(1) Don’t overtake the ride leader.

(2) If your system is loud from over 50 feet away, please be able to adjust its volume while riding.

(3) Be considerate in residential areas – especially after 10pm. This applies to both volume and content.

(4) Don’t compete with other music bikes. When overtaking another music bike from behind, turn down your music until you pass them. At a party stop, find a clear area to play. If you can’t find a clear area, let others play this stop and you can play the next one.

Your music bike is a big part of why our rides are fun – thanks! Just remember to use your superpower for good.


18 responses to “Music Bikes

  1. Music bikes rock, no one is going to turn down their system just because it’s after 10pm or they’re passing another system (that’s asinine). This is some stupid feel good measure that someone with way too much time on their hands crafted. Rule #1 is just common sense. More music, more volume, more party, less nanny state bullshit.

  2. Supportive Resident

    @Anonymous OG Bike Partier, you are clearly not a parent who has ever spent most of the night putting cranky kids to bed, only to have them awoken by noise on the street. When riding through residential areas after 10p, it is ABSOLUTELY respectful and in keeping with the ideals of Bike Party (or any thoughtful community organization) to moderate your music. Be joyful, but do not kill the joy of others in the process.

  3. SF_BikeMom

    “Anonymous OG Bike Partier” is a good example why so many motorists hate bicyclists (including people like me, who happen to rely on their bikes for transportation, in my case with my kids). Thank you very much for waking up both my kids the other night. It was after 10pm, both of their beds are definitely far more than 50 feet away from the street on which you were riding, and the music blasted through our home’s walls (windows were closed). There was no consideration whatsoever. Every single music bike was too loud, and the noise went on for a good amount of time. PLEASE REINFORCE THE ABOVE RULE, unless it is your explicit goal to further increase the already existing tensions between bicyclists and non-bicyclists in this city and to put my and many other peaceful bike commuters’ lives at risk. Please, if self-centered and arrogant hypocrites such as “Anonymous OG Bike Partier” continue to buck your rules, then kick them out of your rides. If you don’t, then you are as bad as they are. If you don’t put your policies where your mouth is, then you are not a party, you are a form of vicious harassment of people who have never done anything to you to deserve that kind of abuse.

    • let’s all be honest.The #1 reason why motorist hate cyclist is because 95% of us don’t stop at stop sign’s. Not bike party or critical mass. I personally asked 76 people 2 days after Critical mass and and bike party and critical mass were only chosen by 4 people,the rest chose “Not stopping at stop sign’s” Thats 72 people who drive who’s biggest complaint about cycling was running stop sign’s out of 76.

  4. Agree with the author. No two sound bikes should be blasting their volume louder than it can – i.e. DISTORTED blown out sound from inadequate power and drivers – competing with each other – one playing folk hoe down music the other playing Michael Jackson 80s classics.

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  7. You can avoid most of this nonsense just using a Boombot speaker. This is P.D. Bird/Patricia Dolores Certified and we offer all bike party members a 15% discount on our site (

    CODE: bikeparty

    Ride safe everyone!!!

  8. Michael Patterson


    As a resident on Pacific Avenue, I was extremely distressed when, despite our double-paned windows, our whole apartment rattled at 10:22 PM on Friday, 1/03/2014, when “music bikes” were waiting at the light. Our cat freaked out (and is still hiding), my partner (with the flu) woke up, and our peace was disturbed.

    I have no problem with bikes, but if this event is going to allow music bikes, they must be supervised by individuals in charge of the event. The rowdy behavior displayed was unacceptable (as was my angry reaction, which in retrospect, was rather undignified and slightly embarrassing).

    With Reasonable Regards,

    Michael (Patterson)

    • I have precisely the same problem when you guys come down Hayes near GG Park. It’s a residential street and the noise from the party in general is pretty bad, but the music bikes really take it to another level. Considering this is a ways into the ride it’s usually after 10 PM or so by the time they roll past.

      I ride a bike and I have friends who ride in Bike Party, but right now I always dread Bike Party nights because I know that it’s going to mean a lot of very loud music being blasted into my apartment. I can only guess at how my neighbors feel.

      I would greatly appreciate it if you could plan rides in the future that either stick to the Panhandle or go up Haight for this leg. Neither is going to have the same sorts of problems with noise. Turning it down is a great option as well, but it seems like asking people to keep things down to a polite level might be a bit of a problem. Finding a route that avoids residential areas seems to be an easier solution to keep enforced.

  9. Zack

    Yep, another parent here whose little kids were shocked awake and crying by tonight’s goon show in North Beach. I’m a bike advocate, too. That really doesn’t help the cause.

  10. FYI, tonight’s shit show at Dolores Park will have a long lasting effect on future bike parties. The Music bike was unmonitored, the neighborhood is very pissed.

    • scooter

      SHIT SHOW … I mean bike party!

      • Robert

        no, no. You guys came into Dolores Park past midnight, in the middle of a residential district with Music Bikes blasting, yipping it up. We insists you reel this in or I assure you lawyers will get involved.

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